Flipzu (as a radio platform) is closed.

Thank you for sharing this amazing experience with us! :)


Aldana Aramburu (@aldanaaramburu)
Textile Designer and Plastic Artist. Flipzu user number ONE. She used to play music to her friends.
Robert Scoble (@scobleizer)
an enthusiastic Rackspace employee who grew up in Silicon Valley and has interviewed more than 3,200 geeks. Lots of the interviews were made using Flipzu for iPhone
John Biggs (@johnbiggs)
East Coast Editor, Writer for New York Times and a few other things. He wrote about Flipzu on Techcrunch (here)
Hagamos Tratos (@hagamostratos)
Radio show in Argentina. Avid Flipzu user!
Rosana Hermann (@rosana)
Brasilian Journalist. She used Flipzu to share opinions with her followers. Thank you Rosana for being such a nice person!
Fernando Alvarado E. (@FAlvaradoE)
The National Secretary for Communication in Ecuador. He published several broadcasts, including an interview with the president of Ecuador Rafael Correa
Argentinian Celebrity. He's on TV and Radio. He used Flipzu to share music with his followers.
Chuck Norris (@chucknorris)
No need for introduction. He deserves to be in every single "credits". When Alexander Bell invented the telephone he had 3 missed calls from Chuck Norris
Nico Berman (@nicoberman)
VP Marketing at Mercadolibre. Thank you for connecting us with other people!
Fabian de la Rua (@fabiandlr)
Entrepreneur. Founder at pMovil. Thank you for giving us money!
Luciana Monje (@lucianita)
Boca Jrs Fan and Friend. Thank you for supporting Flipzu from the beginning!
Matias Alejo Garcia (@ematiu)
Founder at, Friend and great mentor. Thank you for all the endless conversations!
Ron Burgundy (@ronburgundy)
Best Anchorman of all times. Thank you for shooting "The Anchorman 2". We're in a glass case of emotion!
Sintonia Fina (@sintoniafina_sf)
Craziest radio show on Flipzu. Thank you for all the friday nights!
Armando La Radio (@ArmandoRadio24h)
The most popular Flipzu radio show! Thank you for your endless nights of music and friendship.
Pepe Cevasco (@pepe)
Entrepreneur and Friend. Thank you for giving us inspiration!
Santiago Soler (@muycuerdo)
UX designer
Guido Fortini (@guidofortini)
UX designer
Mariano Andres Garcia (@uxmariano)
UX designer / usability consultant. Thank you guys for working with us!
Nicolas Gschwind (@nicogsc)
Developer at Flipzu. He's such an amazing coder. He's a real Ninja!
Dario Rapisardi (@elvincha)
Co-Founder at Flipzu. Android developer and Streaming magician.
Lucas Lain (@lucaslain)
Co-Founder at Flipzu. iPhone and Web developer. Heck yeah, He loves Pepsi!

That's all folks! Stay tuned!

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